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Teenage Hackers Are Making Tons Of Money From Stolen Fortnite Accounts

Fortnite, the popular Battle Royale Game developed by Epic Games, is suffering from a serious issue of stolen accounts. The ‘Fortnite Cracking‘ problem is growing by the day with many users reporting that they are not able to login into their Fortnite account with the credentials. Teenage hackers are behind the stolen accounts and are making thousands of pounds by selling them. In an interview with the BBC, a Slovenian teenager said that he had made £16,000 which translates to around $20,000 by selling the stolen Fortnite accounts in the last seven months. These hackers use a technique dubbed ‘Credential Stuffing‘ that involves searching the lists of exposed username/emails and passwords from other already hacked servers. The information about hacked online services is easily available online. Next, they use a hit and trial method where they use the obtained credentials to log in to Fortnite’s website. If the hacker is lucky, he can get hold of an account in which the original owner h…

Samsung Could Introduce A Bright Night Feature To Compete With Google’s Night Sight

Samsung is all geared up to unveil its new flagship — the Galaxy S10 for which the rumors are brimming. Fueling further anticipation, it is now rumored that Samsung’s ownlow-light photography camera featurecould debut in the upcoming flagship. According to a report by XDA Developers, a code found in Samsung’s new One UI beta version suggests that the competitor to Google’s Night Sight feature, most likely to be called Bright Night is expected to be introduced soon. The rumored Bright Night feature would click multiple images in low-light which are rather dark and assemble them to form one single bright and detailed image. It is similar to the technology adopted by other OEMs to click bright photographs even in low light conditions. To recall, Google is not the only company providing Night Sight feature to its Pixel smartphones; OnePlus also has a similar feature called the Nightscape feature, along with Xiaomi’s Night Scene feature meant to capture bright photos in low-light conditions. A…
Humans never knew that apart from food, water, and air, social media could become one of the staples for them. However, everything in excess is harmful to health, and taking this quite seriously the tech majors are putting in reasonable efforts to curb our social media addiction. Jumping onto the same healthy bandwagon after Google and Apple, Facebook has now made its ‘Your Time On Facebook’ feature official. So, let’s tell you about it: —
What is ‘Your Time On Facebook’?Quite visibly, the new feature helps you keep track of the time you spend on the world’s most popular social networking site. And when you find out about the overuse, you can add some changes to curb the usage. Of course, this will lead us to a much healthier physical and mental lifestyle which we seem to have given up a long time ago. Here’s how you can use the Your Time On Facebook tool:The first step is to open up the Facebook app and tap on the hamburger menu at the top right corner. Scroll down a little and click o…

Windows 10 19H1 Will Feature Windows Sandbox For Running Apps In Isolation

Microsoft has officially announced Windows Sandbox, a new desktop environment meant for running applications in isolation. The feature will land inWindows 10 19H1byearly next year.
Windows Sandbox will allow Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise Edition users to execute suspicious applications in an isolated environment where the apps installed in the sandbox will not affect the host. Once the user has closed the Sandbox, all the files and software will be permanently deleted.
Requirements For Windows Sandbox Microsoft has announced following pre-requisites for using the Windows Sandbox feature: Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise build 18305 or laterAMD64 architectureVirtualization capabilities enabled in BIOSAt least 4GB of RAM (8GB recommended)At least 1 GB of free disk space (SSD recommended)At least 2 CPU cores (4 cores with hyperthreading recommended) In the official blog post, Microsoft said that it built the feature by using the technologies used within Windows Containers and integrated Windo…

Huawei Nova 4 With In-Hole Display Is Now Official

following the various leaks and rumors and whatnot, Huawei has finally made theNova 4official in China. The Huawei Nova 4 has become the world’s second smartphonewith an in-hole display after the Samsung Galaxy A8s, which serves as its main highlight. The display is rated at 6.4-inch and is Full HD+ in nature.
Another attraction is the camera department which is home to three cameras at the back, rated at 48-megapixel, 16-megapixel, and 2-megapixel. The one at the front stands at 25-megapixel.
The Huawei Nova 4 is powered by the company’s Kirin 970chipset, along with 8GB of RAM. There is 128GB onboard storage for the smartphone. The device gets its fuel from a 3,750mAh battery and runs the latest Android 9.0 Pie. Additionally, the smartphone has a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor. Furthermore, there is another scaled down variant of the Nova 4 which comes with a 20-megapixel, 16-megapixel, and 2-megapixel rear snappers as the differentiating factors. Other specs remain the same. The Huawei N…

10 Best Android Cleaner Apps In 2018 | Clean Junk Files, Improve Battery Life And Boost performance

Routine maintenance is not a necessity in Android, but it surely is a good idea to clean your Android from time to time to boost performance, enhance battery life and get rid of junk files. That’s what Android cleaners are for. Do these Android cleaning apps really work?
Cache files pile up over time and need to be cleared. Also, junk from ads and image thumbnails take up a lot of space. Android cleaner apps do a good job of finding unnecessary files and helping you delete them. But using them for RAM cleaning purpose is obsolete since newer versions of Android take good care of that. So, if you are running low on memory or feel that your phone’s performance has slowed down, take a look at this list of Android cleaning apps. Note: This list isn’t in order of preference. You’re advised to choose one as per your need.
10 Best Android Cleaner Apps 2018 1. Clean MasterClean Master has over 500 million downloads on Play Store and includes a variety of features. Apart from cleaning junk fil…

SCAM ALERT: Bitcoin Or Any Other Mining Bots On Telegram Are Fake

These bots need something extra inorder to withdraw bitcoins. That extra thing is called points or keys.  Now i must say that these bots dont tell you from the onset that you will be required to get points/keys inorder to withdraw bitcoins until cash out time. That's why i call them legit scams.

They claim that you can withdraw when you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold, but on reaching that minimum threshold, they will tell that you don't have enough points/keys to withdraw. (Think about this scenario). Now you will have to play games regularly to get a certain number of ponts/keys to withdraw. I must say that it is very very difficult to get these points/keys. (That's annoying). 
They purposely made it difficult, so you just end up wasting your time trying to get points/keys inorder to withdraw. Bot says to upgrade or unlock your account. For that, you need to send some amount of BTC to a particular BTC wallet address. If the bot owner can mine BTC through bots, why…

Get 1GB of Data for N350 With The New Airtel Download Bundle

Just like the 9mobile special data plan of 1GB for just N200 and the Glo special data with 1.2GB for N200. Airtel has also launched  a new affordable data plan which is called the Airtel Download bundle.

This new data plan is mainly for those who just want to stream or download files. With this new Airtel download bundle, you will get 1GB of data for N350 and it's valid for just 24 hours (1day). Even though this plan is no where near as cheap as the Glo or Etisalat special bundle, it will really come in handy if you have a good Airtel network reception in your location.

How to Activate the Airtel Download bundle
> Make sure you have up to N350 on your Airtel SIM. > Dial *141*354# to purchase the plan.

Don't forget that the Airtel Triple Data Offer which gives you 2.2GB for N500 and 4.5GB for N1000 is  still on.

Note that this plan is only valid for just a day. You can use it to browse, stream or download and it works on all internet enabled devices including your modem o…

China bans sales of iPhone Models in the Country due to patent violations

Qualcomm has just won a legal battle against Apple at China's Fuzhou Intermediate People’s Court. The court has ordered immediate ban on sales and importation of the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X in China. The court agreed that Apple violated two parents which belongs to Qualcomm. The patents are related to resizing photos and navigating apps on a touchscreen. Apple initially claimed that this are software patents and will only affect iPhones shipped with iOS 11 and not iOS 12, but Qualcomm has clarified that all the listed iPhone models are affected irrespective of the operating system version.
This case is just a part of the dozens of global patent dispute lawsuits that Qualcomm has filled against Apple in many countries like Germany, South Korea and many others. It's worth noting that aside the iPhone X that has been taken down, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 7 are still live on Apple's Chinese official website.

Samsung starts rolling out the Android 9.0 Pie Beta Update for some Galaxy Note series

Samsung has already stated rolling out the Android 9.0 Pie beta update for the Galaxy S9 and S9+, as well as the Galaxy Note 9. The new update comes with Samsung's new one UI which is the company's rebranding of Samsung Experience 10. The new Android 9 Pie beta update is  not available in all regions yet. At the moment, you can only get the update if you are in Germany, India, South Korea or the United States. 
If you registered for the beta testing through the Samsung members App or the Samsung + App, then you should have received the OTA update as long as you live in one of the region's listed above.
The update weighs 1,532 MB or 1,681 MB depending on your region. Those who update will get the standard Android Pie features as well as other added features such as support for Unicode 11.0 emojis, new clock styles, general UI changes to aesthetic, Samsung DeX gets dual-display support, and of new look for the Samsung’s stock apps.


Hi guys and welcome to another beautiful and lovely day, its already the weekend and what better way to start it up rather than with some good news and if you into much more brute force games, then this write-up is definitely for you.

If you familiar with the Mortal Kombat series then you probably hyped as well about Mortal Kombat 11, don’t know about others, but my first Mortal Kombat game was via a Sega Genesis console, even till now I still remember certain features, key code and even ability to use when fighting.

It was or still the best player fighting game ever produced, the fight scenes, movement was none like we ever seen before, when it was first released for gaming console, it brought a new feeling to the gaming industry and made many fall in love with gaming, what it offered then, was nothing like the gaming industry had seen before.
Every punch, every ability was uniquely made and it felt somewhat real, you could feel your adrenaline rushing when playing in a one vs one, …

Bluestacks 4 - Android base emulator on PC

Bluestacks 4 is an exe application that helps emulate android phone and it also run apk files on PC in a clean and easy format. Unlike its previous version it comes in a more user friendly friendly way and more faster, say 8x faster than its previous version, that is Bluestacks 3 and also 6x faster than one of the popular Samsung android device, that is Samsung galaxy S9+.
Bluestacks 4 was built with more gaming powers as the android devices seems to have more and better games been developed in which case they usually require faster and better specification devices to run smoothly run. It uses less CPU and lower memory usage than its previous version.

Noticeable features,

6x faster in terms of performance to the Samsung galaxy S9+ 8x faster than its previous version Bluestacks 3
  With Bluestacks 4, you dont need any other android base PC emulator to play android games on your PCCLINK TO DOWNLOAD