Hi guys and welcome to another beautiful and lovely day, its already the weekend and what better way to start it up rather than with some good news and if you into much more brute force games, then this write-up is definitely for you.

If you familiar with the Mortal Kombat series then you probably hyped as well about Mortal Kombat 11, don’t know about others, but my first Mortal Kombat game was via a Sega Genesis console, even till now I still remember certain features, key code and even ability to use when fighting.

It was or still the best player fighting game ever produced, the fight scenes, movement was none like we ever seen before, when it was first released for gaming console, it brought a new feeling to the gaming industry and made many fall in love with gaming, what it offered then, was nothing like the gaming industry had seen before.

Every punch, every ability was uniquely made and it felt somewhat real, you could feel your adrenaline rushing when playing in a one vs one, player vs player mode, your reaction time to every hit and trying to land series of blows, which we called combos, man I still remember every feeling how I would use Noob Saibot or Rain popular known as Raiden, he uses a bolt of electricity to render his opponent powerless by lifting and dropping them same time.
 This move could be done simultaneously and before your opponent could defend or block against it, he was hit again, you were somewhat invincible if you had proper grasp of this particular ability and to make it more fun.

What made the Mortal Kombat stand out then, was not the different abilities that came with each player, which include the popular scorpion get over here move. Funniest part is, same move is still been used till date, not even the series of punches and kicks you could do combos, when playing the game but rather the after match performance.

Mortal Kombat 11 will be coming out next year and from the brief trailer showed below, it seems we should be expecting more fun and better ability usage.
Do leave a comment or two behind. Till some other time do have fun and stay bless.


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