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Top Free VPN Apps On Android Ridden With Malware And Privacy Leaks

Generally, Android users look out for free VPN apps on Google Play Store as the first step towards protecting privacy. But a new report suggests that the top free VPN apps are actually home to many privacy leaks and malware. Analyzing 150 free and popular VPN apps for Android, Top10VPN discovered that at least 90% of the apps compromise the privacy and security of users through different methods. Moreover, these Android apps have over 260 million downloads on Google Play Store. Simon Migliano, the head of this research, reports that at over 38 VPN apps tested positive for DNS leaks, exposing private data to hundreds of insecure links. Also, over 27 VPN apps were flagged as potential sources of malware when tested by VirusTotal. Apart from this, the research also found intrusive permissions in over 99 apps. These permissions included user location, device information, use of the microphone, camera access and more. Top10VPN has generated the study in the form of a risk index, making it …

11 Best Web Browsers For Windows To Access Your Favorite Sites In 2019

If you’re searching for the best web browser for 2019, you might have landed on the right web page. Apparently, using a web browser. We can call web browsers a door to the information space we know as the world wide web, not the internet. All you have to do is type the URL in the address bar, and your browser will do the rest to display the website which includes techy stuff like contacting the DNS server to get the website’s IP address. Internet browsers have other uses as well; they can be used to access information on some private server or play a local video stored on your device. With appropriate components added, a web browser can double up as your password manager, download manager, torrent downloader, automatic form filler, etc. People always want that they get the fastest browser out there. Moreover, the abundance of extensions and plugins is another quality a good web browser should manifest. So, here, I have tried to sum up some efficient and powerful internet browsers that…

2019 iPhone Xs Max Successor Will Have Triple Rear Camera: WSJ

Areport by WSJ has detailed the Apple’s plans for 2019 iPhones. According to the publication house, we will see three-iPhone lineup from Apple next year, including a successor to this year’s “budget” iPhone, the iPhone Xr. The details seem credible as the renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also predicted that Apple could launch three iPhones in 2019. WSJ’s report says that the successor of iPhone Xs Max will have three rear cameras and it will be the differentiating factor between next year’s two flagship iPhones, apart from screen size and battery capacity. The third-lens would bring features like 3D sensing and improved optical zoom. A few days earlier we saw a render displaying three cameras in iPhones: The report also mentions the successor of iPhone Xr, this year’s budget iPhone. WSJ’s report highlights that the Xr successor will have dual rear cameras as compared to a single rear camera that we have currently. The addition of an extra camera would also increase the price of the…

12 Google Alternatives: Best Search Engines You Need To Use In 2019

It is a well-known fact that Google search engine’s ‘personalized experience’ comes at the cost of sharing our personal data and by allowing ourselves to get tracked by Google on the internet. At some point, this personalization becomes annoying when you see too much of tailored content and ads targeting you. Besides, there are many search engines other than Google that have so much to offer; not just in terms of privacy but useful features too. So if you are not impressed with Google search results or maybe you are looking for search engines that are equally good, here is a list of 12 best Google alternative websites you can check out. Top 12 Search Engine Alternatives To Google 1. Bing The second most popular search engine is Microsoft’s Bing, securing a good hold in the online market. It is more of a visual search engine offering different tools to users for a better experience. Search results on this alternative search engine are provided by Yahoo!Search, and its homepage has an e…